Bewley and Ritch short sleeved shirts – get started with your holiday wardrobe!

Bewley and Ritch short sleeved shirts

Shirts, polo shirts, knitwear, bottoms, t-shirts, jackets, blazers and even socks! Bewley and Ritch as a brand are the real deal. With a mantra that runs somewhere along the lines of recognising the need to feel comfortable in order to exhibit and manifest confidence, they are a company that is really in touch with the modern day man. For that reason we are delighted to be a stockist of a particular section of their clothing that we find most desirable – that is, their shirts!

Here at Camicie Italia we absolutely love their shirt designs. Bewley and Ritch shirts have an amazing design combination of simple alongside creative. The detail is focused yet subtle with careful colour matching at the heart, something that is truly well thought out and results in a great looking, incredibly smart shirt. The company that was formed only 8 years ago has really found a niche and gotten a firm grip on contemporary trends. They consider themselves ‘high street but with a twist’ and we could not agree more that this seems a perfect representation of their style.

Well, its January and we are all already thinking of where our springtime holiday choices might take us. With that in mind we thought it would be a great time to remind you of the short sleeve collection that we stock. We find the Bewley and Ritch short sleeved shirts particularly striking. Sometimes short sleeves can look a little too casual but this is not the case here. Colour edged sleeves, carefully selected buttons that add a subtle extra touch, delicate yet eye catching patterns…we could go on. Instead, take a look for yourself via the link below.

If you are following us on social media you will already know that if you shop Bewley and Ritch via our site you can get 25% off throughout the whole of January, with our special month long New Year discount offer. Time then to stock up on some fabulous short sleeved shirts – we are sure you will find something to get your holiday suitcase packing off to a really good start! Once again, we wish you happy shirt shopping!!

short sleeved shirts

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