Guide London clothing – New in for 2019.

guide london shirts

It was from an idea sprung out of a difficult economic situation in the turmoil of the 1970’s that Isaac Benson began his foray into the fashion world (or ‘rag trade’ as it was more appropriately known back then!). Originally selling just a small number of wholesale items on market stalls, a decade later he […]

Bewley and Ritch short sleeved shirts – get started with your holiday wardrobe!

Bewley and Ritch short sleeved shirts

Shirts, polo shirts, knitwear, bottoms, t-shirts, jackets, blazers and even socks! Bewley and Ritch as a brand are the real deal. With a mantra that runs somewhere along the lines of recognising the need to feel comfortable in order to exhibit and manifest confidence, they are a company that is really in touch with the […]

Happy New Year – and 25% off all stock!

Camicie Italia would like to end the year by giving customers old and new a fantastic New Year deal. From now until the end of January 2019 we are offering 25% off everything on the site, Claudio Lugli, Bewley and Ritch, Trojan Clothing, RedPoint outerwear, Raging Bull. In addition, as we are feeling extra generous, […]

Why a Claudio Lugli shirt makes a great Christmas gift.

The gift of Claudio Lugli for Christmas

Buying an item of clothing for someone at Christmas can be a gamble and it is understandable why some people prefer not to do it for fear of not getting it right. However, we think that a good quality shirt is something that will always be appreciated, if not immediately, then certainly at sometime during […]

Pop-up Shop – December at David Lloyd Gym.

pop up store david llyod

The internet has revolutionised shopping, of that there is no doubt. The ability to browse fashion websites from the comfort of you own home whilst drinking a mug of coffee is something very satisfying. The anticipation of a new item being delivered to you door just in time for a special occasion remains ever-appealing. However, […]

Seasonal Events – Winter 2018

Winter season events

After a break from a very busy summer of events, we have now entered that exciting pre-Christmas period in which exists a sense of anticipation and understated cheer, despite the grey weather. Looking forward to new, seasonal events certainly helps one get through the first part of winter with a spring in one’s step! We […]

Long Sleeve Shirts by Bewley and Ritch

There are a few simple things you can do to give yourself a boost as winter approaches. One such thing is to spruce up your wardrobe, especially as this time of year signals events-a-plenty to attend. Months of chilling out in casual wear in the summer can mean we forget how smart we look when […]