Washing instructions

Your Claudio Lugli shirts are designed to be washed at 40 Degrees C using a non bio detergent.

We also recommend that all buttons are undone before washing and that the shirt is turned inside out, this will help prevent the buttons being chipped on the washing machine drum and allows the soap to work directly under the arms, you could also put the shirt in a new bag or pillow case which will help to protect the fabric.

Please also remove any collar stays if your shirt has them, this helps prevent uneven wear.

After the wash dry the shirt either on a line of in an airing cupboard, try to avoid using the tumble dryer.


It is good to iron a pure cotton shirt when it is still damp

Make sure the temperature dial is set to cotton. The ironing order is collar, cuffs, sleeves, shoulders, front panel and the back last

The collar should be damp on both sides. Begin by ironing the back of the collar until it is flat and dry, turn the collar over and repeat procedure ironing from the point to the centre try to avoid ironing the collar tips on the right hand side to stop them becoming worn.

Never iron a collar with the stays inside.

Also unbutton and unfold cuffs before ironing and iron from the same way as you iron the collar on both sides.

Iron the sleeve from the top down to the cuff creating a crease if you required.

Next iron the front two panels of the shirt and finally the back.

To finish, once the shirt is ironed, place it on a hanger fasten the top button and leave it to air.

Dry Cleaning

Your shirt will not really need to be dry cleaned, if you wish to however, please select the hand-laundered service if available.

For more information please get in touch with us