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As we love to keep a keen eye on what is happening in the fashion world, we thought we would take a quick look into what the fashion powers that be have deemed fitting for the discerning male to be wearing in 2019.

So, as always, a little research revealed it to be once again full of eyebrow-raising trends but remaining fascinating nonetheless. Unsure of quite how to group this marvellous array, here is the list, in alphabetical order, of some of the things you can expect from haute couture this year:
brown everything, corduroy, cropped trousers, Cuban collar shirts, double denim, exaggerated double breasting, hiking sandals, leopard print, light-wash denim, long puffer jackets, mismatched prints, neck scarves, overly large trench coats, peaky blinders look, plaid trousers, preppy look, quarter socks, relaxed leg trousers, skate wear, sling bags, the 1970s, vintage watches, wrap around tailoring. (Phew!)

Amongst this profusion of marvellous and interesting ideas we did manage to identify with some simple key trends that GQ magazine has forecast, in their words, these are: “a return to elegance” “you need some short shorts” and “get in on the pattern clash”. To the first, returning to elegance is something you could certainly do with a Claudio Lugli jacket. We have a selection of three individual, beautifully tailored designs that you can be sure would be an investment to any wardrobe, providing the wearer with an instant look of a well-tailored gentleman. To the second, getting some shorts could not be easier, this is our favourite prediction as we always keep a stock of really good quality chinos in various colours, stylish, well fitting ones that last, in materials that steer you away from looking too casual. Thirdly, as far as the clashing of patterns goes, anyone familiar with our website will know by now that we adore patterned and printed shirts so we can certainly offer something to contribute to a clash of designs, whatever that may be for you.

We really hope you enjoy browsing our site. We will be adding new lines for 2019 so do check back with us regularly to see what new stock we have in.

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