Guide London clothing – New in for 2019.

guide london shirts

It was from an idea sprung out of a difficult economic situation in the turmoil of the 1970’s that Isaac Benson began his foray into the fashion world (or ‘rag trade’ as it was more appropriately known back then!). Originally selling just a small number of wholesale items on market stalls, a decade later he was producing his own lines as a retailer, the subsequent popularity of which resulted in Isaac going on to become, himself, a wholesaler.

Guide Clothing as we now know it was finally born in 1988. Thirty plus years on, branded as GUIDE LONDON, the company has enjoyed success in many European countries due to its focus on detail and its in-house design development. As you well know, Camicie Italia really appreciates good quality tailoring and attention to detail, hence, we are very pleased to have recently become a stockist of a range of Guide London shirts for men, one of our new lines for 2019.

We really love the colours in this selection, they represent timeless classics that will hang proudly in your wardrobe. The inner pattern detail makes the shirts look really outstanding.

Please do take a look at them for yourself via the link here:

Looking for gift ideas for men? We have a promotion on at the moment that gives you 20% off items bought from now until Valentines Day. Simply use the PROMO code: CMVAL20 to received your discount.

We really hope you like the new Guide London range we have introduced. Of course we welcome your feedback on this and any other other fashion matters you wish to discuss. Feel free to get in touch with us any time.

Guide London, attention to detail is everything.

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