How many shirts should you own?

Question: how many shirts should you own? When we did a little research it was quite hard to pin down a definite number but the general consensus seems to be 5-8 dress shirts and 12-15 work shirts (for a 3 week rotation). Owning this number of shirts gives you enough to enjoy variety in your weekly working attire with the option to wear one of your smarter shirts to an important meeting or on an occasion where the working day takes you out at night. Ideally you would have a base of white, off white and light coloured blue shirts. Pastels are a good alternative if you find those colours boring; lilac, pink and pale yellow are particularly good choices.

Dress shirts are the backbone of the smarter side of your wardrobe and come with so many variations; different weaves, fabrics, patterns, even collar and cuff shapes. Dress shirts are an investment, not a quick turn-around item; they can last 10 years or more if you choose the right one and take care of them. Given that these smarter shirts have more longevity than your regular day shirts, you can build this side of your wardrobe up with a little more deliberation. If you are not sure which shirt to choose we would always suggest ‘playing safe’ with a small paisley pattern, a delicate floral or a regular check. You can add to your look from here. It is a good idea to have a sleek black shirt in your collection as well. This can look super smart with dark jeans or be the perfect choice for an important event where smartness is essential. Black shirts look really good under grey and dark blue suits, in addition.

Camicie Italia’s main range of shirts comes from Claudio Lugli, the fine Italian brand and Bewley and Ritch, who consistently produce unique looking styles each new season.

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